Release Mainstay Jungler, Bottle and Marz Officially Leave Genflix Aerowolf

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Genflix Aerowolf releases Bottle and Marz. (instagram/aerowolfproteam)

COTEKNO.COM – I don’t know what happened to Genflix Aerowolf, this wolf team suddenly decided to release its two flagship junglers, Bottle and Marz.

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The announcement regarding the separation of Bottle and Marz was announced by Genflix Aerowolf through its official Instagram account @aerowolfproteam on Sunday (6/6/2021).

Thank you and good luck for the two main junglers of Genflix Aerowolf MLBB! Thank you for the dedication you have given the team so far and all the best for you on your next stop! Sayonara, Bottle and Marz!” wrote the caption uploaded by @aerowolfproteam.

Genflix Aerowolf’s decision to release Bottle and Marz clearly surprised fans. The reason is, these two players carry out the task as junglers who are known as machines in the Mobile Legends team.

Moreover, Genflix Aerowolf played very well in MPL Season 7. Evidently, this wolf team won third place in the MPL Season 7 playoff round.

Roster Genflix Aerowolf Alpha MPL Season 7. (Dok MPL Indonesia)

As a jungler, Bottle is known as a player with the same performance as Ferxic and Albert. Meanwhile, Marz is quite reliable in carrying out each of his duties when he has to change Bottles or Watts on the sidelane.

After leaving Genflix Aerowolf, Bottle and Marz were rumored to be joining a number of other teams. Together with Rinazmi and Clay, Marz is said to be doing a trial at RRQ Hoshi.

On the other hand, Bottle is said to be undergoing a trial at EVOS Legends. Some time ago, this Genflix Aerowolf jungler appeared to be playing Mobile Legends with a number of EVOS Legends frontmen.

Until now, it is not known exactly which team Bottle and Marz will dock after leaving Genflix Aerowolf. Wait for the official announcement from these two junglers, okay?


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