Revealing the Practice of Online Prostitution Under the guise of an Application

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Jakarta, COTEKNO.COM – The practice of prostitution is not a new thing. In this digital era, many prostitution practices have migrated online. Especially in the midst of this pandemic, many offline prostitution places such as localization places, plus-plus massage parlors, night clubs and nightclubs are permanently closed.

Coupled with several applications that are often misused by perpetrators to carry out online prostitution practices. There are several applications such as Michat, SayHi, Telegram, Twitter and other applications that are often used as a place for online prostitution practices. That is the reason for the migration of online prostitution.

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The location used as the practice of online prostitution is actually not much different from conventional prostitution. For example apartments, hotels, guesthouses, boarding houses and others. The only difference is that the transaction process is carried out online through an application on a smartphone.

Recently, the Police have arrested perpetrators of online prostitution such as prostitutes and pimps in an apartment in the Depok area. Even one of the Reddoorz inns in the Tebet area was officially closed because it was proven to be a place for online prostitution.

The new Cellular TV segment, TELUSUR, will reveal more about the phenomenon of online prostitution in the country. To explore the phenomenon of the practice of online prostitution which is increasingly mushrooming, the Cellular Team conducted interviews with prostitutes, PSK users, social observers and the general public. What is the phenomenon of the practice of online prostitution in Indonesia? Watch the MOBILE SEARCH video below.


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