review Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34 inch

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Having a 144Hz refresh rate feature on a 34-inch screen size with a 21:9 ratio, the 34-inch Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor is suitable for work and gaming.

The Indonesian monitor market is currently being flooded with widescreen curved gaming monitors. Not only vendors that focus on gaming peripherals, but many other technology companies are starting to enter this realm.

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One that has recently brought their curved gaming monitor is Xiaomi. They offer a 34-inch Mi Curved Gaming Monitor which is claimed to be a wide-screen curved monitor that is suitable for gamers.

We will start discussing from the design side first. When compared to other widescreen curved gaming monitors, this monitor can be said to have a much calmer design. The design looks even more elegant as a professional device, not even gaming as the name suggests.

This is because this monitor has a black color all over its body. That’s it, the very thin bezel makes the front of this monitor look like it has no frame at all.

However, the plastic material feels less premium. Not to forget, there are not enough ventilation holes to let the hot air inside this monitor to escape. However, this may be done to reduce the selling price of the product itself.

The stand is made of metal and is quite sturdy and heavy. This is mandatory because the weight of this monitor is more than 10 Kg. So, those of you who want to buy a wall mount or replace it with another mount, make sure the maximum load is able to withstand a minimum load of 20 Kg.

For those of you who like to see your desk clean of cables, this Mi Curved Gaming Monitor also has a pretty good cable routing. There are several hidden cable routing holes to make sure your desk looks clean.

And what makes us most happy is that all these cable covers are equipped with very strong magnets and are not easy to fall off when touched. However, you will be able to open and close the cover very easily.

Meanwhile on this monitor stand you will also get support for tilt, swibble, and height settings on this monitor. This allows you to customize this monitor to your liking.

Lastly, for settings on screen display, we are provided with four setting buttons and one power button on the right rear of the monitor. Maybe you think the experience of using it is a bit difficult.

But don’t worry, because when you enter the OSD menu there are instructions for positions that represent buttons on the back. So this minimizes errors when we select the menu without having to look back.

You will also get quite a lot of menu settings when using this monitor. Not only screen brightness and other basic settings, you will also get quite a lot of presets to use without having to worry about additional settings.


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