Seriously Hunting UFOs, China Will Use AI Technology

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Ilustrasi UFO. (Pixabay)

COTEKNO.COM – The Chinese military is reportedly planning to use artificial intelligence or AI technology to track unidentified flying objects, often called UFOs.

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It is proof of the seriousness of the Chinese military in hunting for UFOs, even to the point of preparing AI technology for tracking.

According to Chen Li of the Air Force Early Warning Academy, the government has apparently been overwhelmed in recent years by the high number of sky sightings by the military and civilians alike.

The frequent occurrence of unknown air conditions in recent years poses a serious challenge to our country’s air defense security, “Chen wrote in a 2019 report to Beijing scientists.

The organization is increasingly relying on artificial intelligence because it can link information from different times and locations, in a way that the human brain cannot.

Ilustrasi UFO. (Pixabay)

Reported from The Independent, Tuesday (8/6/2021), the Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army, collected a number of raw data from military radar stations, air force pilots, police stations, and observatories.

The data will be processed by the regional military, transferred to a national database, and analyzed based on behavior, design, materials and radioactivity.

Artificial intelligence can correlate data, such as whether UFOs appear during political or military events, weather satellite information, or natural phenomena, to better determine the possible origin of unknown objects.

Unlike the United States, the only time China officially confirmed UFO sightings was in 1998.

When two military jets have to intercept a low-flying object that looks like a “mushroom” with two beams of light from its center.

When approached, the object increased its speed to over 20,000 meters and mysteriously disappeared.

On the other hand, NASA itself also participated in the inspection of strange objects seen by Navy pilots.

Can the Chinese military find UFOs using this AI technology? ( Lintang Siltya Utami).


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