Sharing Work and Inspiration Through TikTok Educational Content

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Illustrated by TikTok. (Unsplash / helloimnik)

COTEKNO.COM – TikTok is not only a place to share funny short videos, but also educational content and inspiration. Not a few are creative in sharing their work on the platform.

Art lessons at school are usually a moment that is eagerly awaited because here students are allowed to be creative. Interestingly, there are a number of creators who share ‘lessons’ and inspiration about art on TikTok, as seen in some of the content that participated in the #SamaSamaBelajar and #MerdekaBelajar educational competitions recently held by TikTok Indonesia together with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research. and Technology (Kemendikbudristek).

This competition unexpectedly brings together talented young artists who share inspiring content with each other.

If art lessons at school are packed with fun, some of the creators who take part in the #SamaSamaBelajar competition actually add interesting information and themes to each of their works.

Some of these talented young artists are Alicia Eva and Erika Rido, who are two of the three winners of special awards directly selected by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and Stella Halim who won the bronze category of this educational competition.

Let’s see how these young artists share their inspiration and creativity on TikTok!

Painting Archipelago Culture While Learning Its History

If someone usually paints on a standard size canvas, it’s different from the TikTok account owner aliciaeva9 who paints on a 30 meter long canvas. This special painting, which is currently in the process of being worked on, will depict the culture and characteristics of the 34 provinces in Indonesia.

To date, Alicia has described at least 12 provinces, including South Sumatra, Banten, West Java, and others. Not only showing off her painting skills, Alicia also shares historical stories from each culture she paints, it’s no surprise that many TikTok users are looking forward to Alicia’s work to know about other provinces.

Alicia’s inspiring videos to date have been liked more than 70 million times and have more than 1.2 million followers.

Sharing Work and Inspiration Through TikTok Educational Content. (TikTok/ Eva Alicia)

Painting in Various Media

Erika doesn’t just show her talent in painting on canvas. Young artists also often share their inspiration by utilizing recycled waste to become works of art, making paints from unexpected materials such as flowers and coffee, painting on clothes and shoes, to the tiled floors of their rooms. Creating works of art has no limits.

Apart from exploring her own crazy ideas, Erika often accepts painting challenges from other TikTok users. Erika, who is still in college, even managed to create a business from her hobby of painting by selling canvases and painting guides based on a number named by Painters.

Sharing Work and Inspiration Through TikTok Educational Content. (TikTok/ erika)
Sharing Work and Inspiration Through TikTok Educational Content. (TikTok/ erika)

Beautiful Writing With Calligraphy

The trend of writing calligraphy has recently become a trend among the younger generation. Some are self-taught or self-taught to take special classes to learn this. This may be the background for Stella Halim to share calligraphy content or write beautiful easily through short videos.

Stella’s TikTok content can also be a reference for being able to write beautiful calligraphy. Not only sharing her work in lettering, Stella also often shares tips on writing calligraphy and what tools can be used for beginners.

The educational content in the #SamaSamaBelajar and #MerdekaBelajar competitions comes with the creativity and authenticity of each creator. We are very grateful for providing a variety of educational content on TikTok. We hope that the selected winners can continue to provide new enthusiasm and inspiration to the community to learn from each other and share other positive and fun content on TikTok., “said Angga Anugrah Putra, Head of Operations, TikTok Indonesia.

The #SamaSamaBelajar program is a program that focuses on presenting educational content on digital platforms in 2020. After receiving a positive response from the community, this program will be resumed in 2021 and supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture to provide equal access and opportunities for anyone to learn and share inspiration with the community through educational content on TikTok.

The #SamaSamaBelajar and #MerdekaBelajar competitions received great enthusiasm from TikTok users, this can be seen from the number of views that managed to generate 1.5 billion views in 10 days.

More complete competition winners can be accessed here. Other educational content can be viewed by users by visiting the hashtag #SamaSamaBelajar in the TikTok application. Educational content with the hashtag #SamaSamaBelajar is currently the top content on TikTok, with a total number of views of more than 62 billion.


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