South Korea and Hyundai cooperate to work on flying taxi taksi

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Hyundai Motor has just announced a partnership with South Korea to build an air mobility ecosystem, flying taxis.

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Electric cars are known to be a trend for some technology and automation companies. But over time, a new trend emerged using air as a foundation.

After Europe is rumored to have a flying taxi in 2024, now South Korea is also following. Reported from Gizmochina (11/6), Hyundai Motor has just announced a partnership with the capital city of Seoul, South Korea to build an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem. According to sources, the new system for transportation will be commercialized in 2028.

According to sources, Hyundai will start the UAM with a landing station for the air taxi or what they call the Vertiport. The company will also build roadmap long -term for this sector.

Talking about Hyundai’s superiority in terms of UAM, Director Song Jae-Yong mentioned 37 manufacturing facilities they have in 10 countries, as well as subsidiaries that produce components, infrastructure, and finance. He also talked about the company’s technological developments in electric and hydrogen fuels.

To enhance UAM’s efforts, the South Korean automation giant recruited Dr. Shin Jai-Won who previously worked for NASA in the United States. Also, plans to establish a subsidiary in Washington, DC for its UAM business.

Hyundai said transportation services will start from Gimpo International Airport up to about 30-70 kilometers within the city. The company claims it will offer UAM services that are secure, noiseless, cost-effective, and consumer-oriented.

Apart from Hyundai, the car manufacturer Toyota is also investing in this new sector. Recently, Archer Aviation also launched its first electric flying taxi called Maker and is planned to be commercially operational in 2024.


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