Support startups, Alibaba Cloud invests IDR 14.2 trillion

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Alibaba Cloud is investing USD 1 billion (Rp 14.2 trillion) to support startups, developers and new talent in the Asia-Pacific region.

Alibaba Cloud inaugurated the launch of the AsiaForward Project with an initial investment of USD 1 billion or equivalent to Rp. 14.2 trillion. This investment, in the form of funds and resources, is aimed at generating millions of strong digital talent, including efforts to empower 100,000 developers and the growth of 100,000 technology startups in the Asia Pacific Region over the next three years.

Launched at the 2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit, this project is part of the company’s strategy as a trusted cloud leader in the Asia Pacific Region, to invest in infrastructure, technology innovation and digital talent development to contribute to local economic growth through digital transformation.

“Technological innovation has an important role for economic recovery after Covid-19, while Human Resources who have strong experience in digital applications are also indispensable for the continued development of the digital economy. We see high demand for technology cloud-native for the development of vertical development across the region, from e-commerce, logistics, fintech, to digital entertainment. As a leading cloud service provider and trusted partner in Asia Pacific, we are committed to developing a better cloud ecosystem and strengthening digital infrastructure in the region. We will also focus on data center innovation and investment and talent development as we welcome the digital-first future,” said Jeff Zhang, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

In Indonesia, Alibaba Cloud officially launched its third data center. This third data center will support customers with various Alibaba Cloud services from database, security, network, machine learning, to data analysis. The addition of this data center also widens Alibaba Cloud’s opportunities to better support business people who are interested in adopting cloud technology and even strengthen the development of digital society in Indonesia. To date, Alibaba Cloud has operated 75 availability zones in 24 regions worldwide.

In the Philippines, the company will launch its first data center in late 2021. Continuing support for business digitization in the market will also be encouraged through a variety of products and services including Elastic Compute Service (ECS), databases, global network solutions, Content Delivery Networks Network/CDN) and storage services. This investment is the latest commitment of Alibaba Cloud that continues to grow in the country, focusing on the banking, fintech, retail, logistics and education sectors.

In Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud will build its first International Innovation Center. In collaboration with local partner Handsprofit, the company offers one-stop innovation solutions for Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), startups and developers looking to break technology boundaries. Various cloud technology and business leadership trainings will be facilitated, as well as ecosystem maintenance for the venture capital investor network.

Alibaba Cloud’s ambition in digital talent development is visualized in the three core programs of the AsiaForward Project which include DigiTalents Forward, which focuses on enhancing digital skills, AI Forward, which targets developers, and DigiEntrepreneurs Forward, which connects promising business ideas with venture capital investors as well as real opportunities. The company has also started the DigiTalents Forward program in Singapore in collaboration with the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE), and the NTU-Alibaba Singapore Joint Research Institute (JRI) at Nanyang Technology University (NTU). Later, through the MiniMasters program, NTU will provide various trainings about Artificial Intelligence.

During the 2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit, the company will also launch various products and solutions as part of its ongoing support for digital transformation in the industry including solutions livestreaming new Information Technology infrastructure products and data management services cloud-native.


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