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Jakarta, COTEKNO.COM – The construction of a large-scale global standard data center owned by Telkom, namely the HyperScale Data Center, is almost in the final stages for campus 1. The finalization of the construction of international standard facilities with 3 and 4 certifications will increase data collection and processing capacity in Indonesia.

The final stage of the construction of the Telkom HDC office building structure was marked by the topping off process for the facility on Wednesday (9/7). The completion of the first phase of Telkom HDC construction is according to the targets that have been determined from the start.

In his remarks at the closing ceremony, Telkom President Director Ririek Adriansyah said that the construction of Telkom HDC shows the spirit of TelkomGroup to continue to grow, innovate, and become a leading company in the data center and digital telco business. After operating later, Telkom HDC will become one of the largest capacity data centers in Indonesia.

“The presence of the Telkom HyperScale Data Center shows the huge capacity of Telkom to become the leading digital telco company in Indonesia and the world. This is also an important milestone for Telkom to become a major player in the digital platform domain, in line with the transformation steps and Telkom’s vision to become a digital telco. With a focus on opportunities to find tenants, both local, regional and international players, the construction of the Telkom Hyperscale Data Center must accelerate the digital platform business as an enabler of various ICT services and solutions for global players and corporations from various sectors such as finance & banking, government, private. sector, manufacturing, content provider, and global cloud provider,” said Ririek.

The Telkom HDC complex was built with the concept of ECO (Evolve, Connected, & Origin). This building has a woven design that symbolizes Telkom’s spirit to increase effectiveness and efficiency, in order to create the best digital experience for the community.

Director of Network & IT Solution Telkom Herlan Wijanarko said, Telkom HDC has many advantages as a data center complex. First, this facility is connected to the entire network belonging to the TelkomGroup. This makes the scope of work of this data center the widest in Indonesia.

Second, Telkom HDC has international scale supporting facilities, carrier neutral, and multi services for other provider networks. This allows Telkom HDC to become the main choice for business actors in various sectors such as finance, manufacturing, and cloud computing service providers, both domestic and foreign.

The presence of the Telkom Hyperscale Data Center completes the data center facilities owned by Telkom as well as strengthens and maintains its position as the market leader in the data center business. Telkom already has 26 data centers consisting of 5 international data centers, 18 neuCentrIX and 3 tier 3 and 4 data centers. With the support of data centers spread across many locations and connected to a broadband network, Telkom is ready and able to accommodate future needs. , such as the presence of 5G, blockchain edge technology and other future needs. This is certainly a competitive advantage for Telkom’s data center to compete in the digital platform business.

Telkom’s position as a leading company running the data center business in Indonesia is also getting stronger with the completion of the Telkom HDC construction. The large data center capacity and wide coverage strengthens Telkom’s ability to accommodate the various telecommunication and digital needs of the community, business players, and the government.

The Telkom HyperScale Data Center is built on an area of ​​65 thousand square meters, with a total capacity of up to 10,000 racks, and an electrical power of around 75 MW. Because it carries the concept of a green data center, Telkom HDC will become a data center that in its operations produces minimal emissions of carbon dioxide gas. This is because Telkom will utilize a number of gas-fired power plants and solar panels to power public areas and offices.

For the record, TelkomGroup’s commitment in the data center business has been proven several years ago. Since 2015, Telkom has always been the first company to obtain international standard certification (Tier 3 & Tier 4 Uptime Certification) and the only TCOS Uptime Certification for Operational Certification Uptime in Indonesia.

“We believe that the existence of the Telkom HyperScale Data Center can have a major impact on efforts to increase the number of corporations that go digital and are competitive in the digital era like now. This also confirms Telkom’s position as a leading telecommunications company and digital service provider in Indonesia,” said Ririek closing.


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