Telkomsel expands 5G services in 5 cities

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Telkomsel re-launched Telkomsel 5G services simultaneously in five other cities, to provide access to leading digital connectivity.

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Continuing its presence in the cities of Jakarta, Medan, Surakarta, and Balikpapan, Telkomsel continues to accelerate the development of the 5G ecosystem by launching Telkomsel 5G services in five other cities. Now Telkomsel’s 5G network is available in Surabaya, Makassar, Bandung, Batam, and Denpasar. The continued expansion of Telkomsel’s 5G services in stages also encourages the strengthening of the digital ecosystem across sectors by presenting digital lifestyle solutions that will support the progress of society.

“The presence of Telkomsel 5G services in these five cities is a manifestation of Telkomsel’s commitment as the first 5G operator in Indonesia Indonesia in presenting access to leading digital connectivity which will further encourage the opening of wider opportunities for all possibilities, including in terms of community empowerment and industrial sector transformation. Our next commitment is to make sure 5G is available to everyone in Indonesia, whether for the consumer segment, government, academia, or industry. To that end, we will gradually expand 5G coverage and develop digital solutions through the highest quality 5G services, high-speed and low-latency networks, and encourage stronger collaboration between stakeholders who share the same strong goal of digital transformation to support daily activities,” said Director of Network Telkomsel, Nugroho.

Nugroho added that the presence of the Telkomsel 5G network was able to increase national digital capabilities by advancing leading sectors in these cities. One of them is the tourism sector by diversifying services and services through the optimization of leading digital technology. Or the education sector that can support scalable and appropriate research development efforts to ensure the empowerment of appropriate 5G technology into the future. In addition, 5G can also encourage the implementation of Industry 4.0 by increasing productivity and operational efficiency for various industrial sectors.

In the initial phase of launching in these five additional cities, Telkomsel 5G services are already available in several areas whose coverage will continue to be expanded gradually. For the city of Batam, the Telkomsel 5G coverage area includes the GraPARI Batam Center area. Meanwhile in Makassar city, Telkomsel’s 5G network coverage includes GraPARI Pettarani Makassar.

For the city of Surabaya, Telkomsel’s 5G network coverage includes GraPARI Pemuda Surabaya. In the city of Denpasar, the Telkomsel 5G network is already available at GraPARI Renon Bali. The public can also now visit the GraPARI to experience 5G technology directly from Telkomsel by using the latest digital services such as Cloud Gaming, VR, 5G Roaming, and 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access).

As for the city of Bandung, the Telkomsel 5G network is present at Telkom University and the Bandung Institute of Technology. The presence of 5G technology from Telkomsel at these two well-known campuses is intended to support research conducted by researchers in developing the use of appropriate 5G technology for people’s lives.

This is in line with Telkomsel’s commitment in presenting 5G technology not only to accelerate the adoption of a more productive and innovative digital lifestyle by the community, but also to encourage Indonesia’s transformation towards complete digital sovereignty and independence.

At Telkom University, several applications and innovations have been developed from research on the use of 5G technology and its ecosystem. Examples include the Telesthethoscope, an internet of things (IoT) based stethoscope that allows data storage of lung and heart sound recordings as well as remote use so that their use is safer during a pandemic; PATRIOT-NET, which is an integrated system in post-disaster network prevention and recovery efforts in the form of early warning utilizing IoT technology and telecommunications network recovery using Mobile Cognitive Radio Base Station (MCRBS); Autonomous UVC Mobile Robot, an autonomous robot that can sterilize medical isolation rooms with UVC light; Doctor Representative Robot (Doper), a communication tool between doctors and Covid-19 patients remotely that enables infrared temperature monitoring; and the Arrhythmias Monitoring System (Amons), which is an electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring tool with a higher level of accuracy and sensitivity, and others.

Along with the launch of 5G services simultaneously in these five cities, Telkomsel also signed a memorandum of understanding with Schneider Electric to strengthen strategic partnerships in accelerating Indonesia’s digital transformation (DX) and Industry 4.0 by implementing 5G. trial joint collaboration through various programs. Several programs were implemented, such as live streaming virtual tour from Schneider Electric’s smart factory in Batam to global partners and assisting technicians in EcoStruxure Machine Advisor maintenance activities. The collaboration with Schneider Electric shows Telkomsel’s seriousness in supporting the industry’s needs for the benefits of 5G.


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