The Boss Baby: Family Business opens July 2 in theaters

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DreamWorks Animation has just released the latest trailer for the sequel to The Boss Baby: Family Business and revealed the film’s release date.

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DreamWorks Animation just released trailer second for The Boss Baby: Family Business, to be released simultaneously on platform streaming Peacock and theaters on July 2. This film is a sequel to the big screen film The Boss Baby which aired in 2017.

Trailer these two are similar to trailer first released by DreamWorks last November. It features an adult version of Tim and Ted Templeton. The story begins when the highly successful Ted visits his older brother Tim’s family.

Long story short, they realize that Tim’s daughter, Tina, is actually a BabyCorp agent on a secret mission. Tina then gives Ted and Tim a special formula that takes them back to their age in the first film.

The three of them unite against other babies called ninja babies and babies in prison. rest, trailer features a tumultuous rivalry between Tim, Ted, and Tina and the babies.

It’s no surprise The Boss Baby is getting a sequel after almost 4 years since its first release. Because, this film collected more than USD500 million worldwide. Service streaming giant Netflix has also aired four seasons of the series spin-off The Boss Baby: Back in Business, dari 2017-2020.

The Boss Baby: Family Business will hit theaters on July 2. This is a rescheduling, after the film was originally planned for release on March 26, but had to be pushed back due to the pandemic.

In addition, Alec Baldwin, James Marsden, Amy Sedaris, Eva Longoria, and Jeff Goldblum will return to voice the same characters as the first film. The script was written by Michael McCullers and directed by Tom McGrath.


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