The Latest Strategy Game on Android or iPhone Mobile, Choose As You Like

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Strategy games are one of the oldest types of games in human history. Whether it’s chess games, board games, to cards. And now, you who have a hobby of gaming while thinking, how come you can play a strategy game on an Android or iPhone cellphone. In fact, there are already many choices.

As the name suggests, strategy games require the player to use his mind to defeat opponents. So, games are not just for fun or just killing time.

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As technology develops, this oldest type of game also develops. Adjusting human needs and the demands of the times. So, now, we can find various types of the best strategy games.

What’s more, strategy games are also starting to get loyal fans. Making more and more game studios produce this type of game. In fact, big game titles, like DOTA, also have titles spin-off who use this gameplay.

Choice of the Latest Strategy Games 2021

Unfortunately, there are tons of games available now on the app store. Makes those of you who want to try this type of video game confused about getting the best title.

No need to worry. To make it easier for you to get the best experience, team COTEKNO has summarized the latest line of strategy games for 2021. You can play each title via Android or iPhone, you know.

Want to know? Check the description below, yes.

This War of Mine

Even though the developer included a story to this game, This War of Mine is one of the most complicated strategy games. How could you not, you, as a player, are forced to make decisions – which are often brutal and cruel.

Developed by 11 bit studios, This War of Mine tells the journey of a group of refugees. Your task is simple, get out of the war zone safely. Yes, if you read it it might seem quite easy, right?

However, that impression was far from true. Equipped with a simple mechanism, this game requires you to always actively think about the possibilities of every decision you make. So, you can’t just press the action button to move the character, huh.

Rusted Warfare – RTS Strategy

Game Rusted Warfare is a game Real-Time Strategy which offers a retro style. Indeed, the appearance of the game seems old school. But, don’t rush into prejudice and think that the game will be boring.

Especially if you are a strategy game lover. You must download this game. You see, one of the best strategy games offers a better RTS experience hardcore!

In it, you will not find an in-app purchase scheme. Also with advertisements and a Pay-to-Win mechanism. This means that this game really hones the skills of every player!

In this game, there are more than 40 types of units that you can control, various kinds of defense technology, as well as online and offline multiplayer modes. The developer has also added a control method via keyboard or mouse.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

If you’ve ever had a dream to build your own car racing team, you can make it happen through this game. Yes, this game developed by the Playsport Games studio offers a complete and exciting experience from the life of a motor racing team manager.

As a team manager in the real world, you are asked to select driver, choose the best car, maintenance vehicles, choosing a mechanic team and many other activities. It’s like a simulation game, only with a more complicated and complex mechanism.

And that’s the complexity that makes it Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 recognized as one of the best Android strategy games to date. As we can conclude from the name, the company has launched three titles. Indicates how good the response is given by the player.

This is one of the games that must be downloaded if you like watching car races. Also, for those of you who don’t really understand the world of car racing, the game mechanics and available tutorials can make it easier for you to finish the match.

Machines at War 3

The last strategy game that the writer can offer is a game called Machines at War 3. This game was developed by Isotope 244 LLC studios. And as the name suggests, this game is the third series developed by the studio.

Consisting of three series of titles, of course you can get a longer and more complex storyline. This is also what many players acknowledge as the main attraction of the series Machines at War.

Moreover, this game not only offers robot fighting action. As a player, you are required to complete 21 missions with different difficulty levels. In addition, the developer has also included 130 types of robot units that you can modify.

If you feel bored and stuck with one mission, there is a mode Random Map Skirmishes, online multiplayer, and many more modes that are no less fun. In fact, there are Mode Skirmishes which only lasts a few minutes.

Unfortunately, to download this game, you need to pay Rp. 99 thousand. But calm down, the price is worth the fun you will get. So, just download it right away.

Well, that’s a new strategy game for Android phones and iPhones that you can choose from. Guaranteed to be exciting and tense. In fact, it could be the best friend to kill time. So, just download it

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