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Jakarta, COTEKNO.COM – Apart from the polemics between Infinix and Xiaomi, at least now we can clearly see how fierce the competition for mobile phone brands is in the Indonesian market.

And maybe if we reflect a little, there is actually a lesson behind the chaos that is being discussed on online timelines, which is undeniably within the scope of the company’s product sales strategy.

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Lucky Sebastian, a gadget observer, saw that in the midst of the gadget brand’s marketing strategy, the boundary line remained on marketing or advertising rules, one of which should not demean competitors’ products.

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Nah, from this context there is condescending. Although in America Samsung and Apple often elbow each other but cutely, but in us they don’t. Because out there, the rules are that it’s okay to poke fun at competitors, but you can’t tell lies about competitors’ products,” he explained to Mobile, Friday (6/4).

“So comparing directly, products in the same category, and saying they are better than competitors, I think it’s demeaning if the brand does it. It’s different when it’s done by reviewers or the media, to provide information to the viewers,” he continued.

So in this case, the context given by Infinix is ​​arguably wrong, this can be considered misleading. “Xiaomi’s own reaction, to involve Alvin Tse, Country Director of Xiaomi Indonesia, I think is too high, I understand because he is an intelligent person, masters the product, and may feel that if he does not comment immediately, more people will see the wrong information. But Alvin is also a Country Director, it would be better if this matter was represented by the PR team,” said Lucky.

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The best thing, according to Lucky, is not comparing, but rather how vendors can convey product messages persuasively and creatively. “There are a lot of creative ads that clash, but the important thing is not to lie about competitors. If it is packaged creatively, it is very entertaining and even works. For example, Apple made a series about Apple VS Microsoft with Justin Long, which shows Apple is a dynamic young man, Microsoft is more rigid. Then there’s Samsung which makes an interesting ad about Apple’s queue, why queue when there are other options. Everything is packaged creatively and attractively, including they talk about useful features for users,” he said.

The conclusion as well as the lesson that can be learned is that indeed any brand advertisement, including smartphone brands, must be creative, not only talking about specifications or showing the object.

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“Google ads talk a lot about family relationships and touch. Indonesian e-commerce advertisements about Hari Raya with boarding children of different races and caring boarding mothers are also considered very successful. So there direct selling there is soft selling, ultimately evoke consumer confidence in branding, “said Lucky.

Previously, Infinix Indonesia’s online media line was suddenly hotly debated, after uploading an image post as well as a narration comparing the advantages of the Infinix Hot 10s from other competitor’s cellphones, dubbed the ‘Sanya Champion’.

The phone, dubbed ‘Sanya Champion’, refers to the Redmi 9T made by Xiaomi, which had previously launched into the Indonesian market and used the word champion for this product.

And now the story feels even hotter because Xiaomi boss Alvin Tse went down the mountain, and felt the need to protest because he considered the information in the Infinix post to be misleading.

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“I don’t usually comment directly on others but this is really bad and misleading. This is fraud and misleading and there is no place for this kind of marketing fraud in this industry,” said the Xiaomi boss.

“We at Xiaomi welcome healthy competition that increases benefits for users but will not tolerate any cheating to consumers. We have the right to voice this to the Ministry for misleading advertisements,” he said.

The Infinix party is still unmoved, there has been no response to the chaos. And the strains of netizens’ comments are now according to the team’s monitoring mobile still sings sweetly, and leaves the pros and cons behind it.


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