This Ojol returns to the restaurant, the reason is that it makes you laugh, Netizens: it often happens

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Illustration of Driver Ojol. ( Rohimah)

COTEKNO.COM – Conversation with ojol drivers is an interesting story to follow, one of which is the upload of an account on @FOODFESS2 which is currently viral on Twitter.

The upload of this conversation is confusing, because the ojol driver even forgets the food ordered by his customer.

In the conversation, the customer asked why the ojol driver returned to the food vendor.

The answer of the ojol driver then made me laugh, because the ojol wrote “I forgot not to bring it, I’m sorry” wrote the ojol driver.

Ojol driver conversation. (Twitter/@FFOODFESS)

The upload of ojol driver’s conversation with this customer went viral on Twitter and got various netizen comments.

”My mother often does this when I shop for vegetables at the stall, I’ve counted it but I don’t get the tip. nya” wrote one netizen on Twitter.

”I’m already panicking because I ordered 17 packs and only 7 delivered.” write other netizen comments.

”Hey I’ve been like this too” other netizen comments on Twitter.

The upload of the ojol driver’s conversation with this netizen went viral on Twitter and got more than 34,000 likes.


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