Tips for Compiling Base Defense in CoC, Guide for Beginners Here

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You are a player who is curious and is tasting the game Clash of Clans? So that your base is not destroyed and continues to be attacked by opponents, for example, the CoC defense tips below. Effective and much has proven!

Among various strategy game titles, Clash of Clans is still a popular choice for mobile gamers in Indonesia. The combination of action and developing a successful strategy has made CoC survive today.

Perhaps, even Supercell did not think that the game, which was launched in 2012, is still in demand by many players. Indeed, when it first appeared, CoC was one of the most phenomenal games.

No doubt, the number of CoC players continues to increase every year. Also at this time, we can still find many new players who are busy looking for tricks or tips on playing the CoC game. Either through the official forum or browsing information on search engines.

Best CoC Defense Method for Th 3, Th 4, Th 5, and Th 6

For new players, Base destruction is a natural problem. And thanks to the devastation faced, make players develop in strategizing. Good strategy to attack the opponent’s base or defend.

Luckily, there are now many examples of how to formulate a strong CoC defense. So, to make your search easier, team Droila already summarized in the explanation of CoC defense tips below.

Curious? Just check it right away.

Defense Th 2

If your CoC base is still Th 2, there are several weapons that can increase your overall defense. You can use Canon. As much as possible, position them so that the Cannons are in a straight line with the other Cannons.

After that, place the Archer Tower in the center of the Base. The reason is, the Archer Tower can protect the village against attacks launched from various sides.

In addition, do not cluster objects in one area. The reason is, you just make it easy for the enemy to attack from one side. Meanwhile, the other side is of course empty and defenseless.

The strongest CoC defense (Clasher)
The strongest CoC defense (Clasher)

Defense Th 3

Meanwhile, the base is from Townhall level 3, starting by placing the Cannons in the same formation. Perpendicular to one Cannon to another Cannon. In addition, for the Th 3 village, you can activate the mortar. So, just use it!

Convert the previous Archer Tower in the center to a Mortar. The reason is, Mortar has a fairly far shot range. Not only that, this weapon also has an effect splash damage. So, each shot can destroy several opposing troops at once!

Meanwhile, you can place an Archer Tower close to the Town Hall. That way the Town Hall defense is more secure and safe from attacks, right?

Defense Th 4

At Town Hall level 4, you choose to add new weapons. Namely Air Defense. This weapon serves to protect the village from air attacks.

So, it’s good to have Air Defense on the outside. So that you can intercept the air strikes launched by the enemy before approaching the village!

Don’t forget to provide extra protection for important buildings. For example, like adding a wall. If you feel that gold is not enough, you can group weapons into one area. Besides saving walls, of course saving gold too, right?

Defense CoC th 4 (Lumpia Studio)
Defense CoC th 4 (Lumpia Studio)

Defense Th 5

At this point, the defenses and attacks had become more and more diverse. Therefore, you need to set a strategy so that each weapon and defense can function optimally.

You can add a new defense system which also has an effect splash damage – just like mortar. Namely the Wizard Tower. It’s better to place the Wizard Tower and Mortar as close as possible to the Town Hall.

Once finished securing TH, now put another protection on the outside. You can place Archer Towers and Cannons spread out. Make sure it spreads around the village. So that it could be extra security from every attack.

Tips for Designing a Strong and Hard-to-Break CoC Defense

Basically, it is difficult to design the best defense. However, that does not mean there are no strategies that you can follow to make this happen.

Summarizing from various sources, you can imitate some of the tips below so that village defenses are stronger and harder for your opponent to break down.

Always Position the Clan Castle in the Center of the Base

Yes, this is necessary and important for you to do. Also, surround the Clan Castle with the walls and weaponry around it.

The goal, of course, is so that the opponent is not easy to lure the Clan Castle out of its nest. You see, if you are easily provoked, the village will quickly be destroyed and the attack will end quickly.

Example of defense of CoC th 6 (Clash of Clans Layout)
Example of defense of CoC th 6 (Clash of Clans Layout)

Place the TH outside the Base Wall

Perhaps this method is too risky and high risk. The thing is you have the potential to lose several trophies. But this Base formation is as long as the defenses you’ll get.

Not only that, Town Hall will also get protection shield for 12 hours. As a result, you can level up easier and faster, right?

So, those are some CoC defense tips that you can imitate. Hopefully the description of the tips and tricks for the CoC game above can help you in designing base defenses that are not easily hacked by your opponent.


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