Tips for Welcoming Fun School Vacations with Samsung

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Samsung TV. (Samsung)

COTEKNO.COM – School holidays are almost here, time to have fun with the kids. But this year’s holiday seems to still be spent at home. But don’t worry, Samsung has tips to keep it fun even at home.

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How can parents make the most of the household to create a fun experience for their children?

With a little creativity and help from Samsung, kids’ vacation time at home can be safe, fun and exciting. Here are some fun activities for your kids, all from inside the house.

Explore the outside world

The desire to see new places is still satisfied with a visual experience that seems real in front of the eyes, through the latest Samsung TV innovations.

1. Discover New Places

Samsung QLED 8K TV. (Samsung)

With so many virtual walking tours available online, the world is right in front of you. Dim the lights, close the curtains, and turn on your Samsung TV to enjoy the sights and sounds of your favorite vacation spot – all from the comfort of the couch in the living room.

The Samsung Neo QLED TV adds to the enjoyment of viewing as every nuance and detail comes alive with rich, accurate colors and deeper contrast. With Quantum Matrix Technology, the Neo QLED 4K Smart TV allows viewers to enjoy incredible detail in both the darkest and brightest scenes.

The TV also packs several premium audio features that fill the room, such as Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+), which adjusts audio to the movement of objects on the screen, and SpaceFit Sound, which analyzes the TV setup environment and delivers immersive sound tailored specifically to the surrounding space. With sound as good as this, you’ll feel as if you’re in another city!

Activity Tips:

  • Decide on a “travel” theme each week and make a raffle featuring a different theme/location for the kids to choose from.
  • Get creative with these themes – from “beach every island of Indonesia” to “adventure to the deep sea”, the possibilities are endless!
  • Create interactive quizzes for children. Ask questions such as: How many types of boats can be seen on the shore? How many kinds of animals can you see in the meadow?

2. Enjoying Art

Agatha Suci dengan The Frame & The Serif TV. (Samsung)
Agatha Suci dengan The Frame & The Serif TV. (Samsung)

It’s never too early to invite children to become art lovers. Today, the world’s most amazing museums welcome virtual visits, so take advantage of this by exploring places like the Louvre, New York’s MoMA, and even the Van Gogh Museum. Fun fact: MoMA New York also offers free virtual tour guides!

Samsung The Frame allows you to appreciate the artworks of the most famous artists in history with a built-in Art Store that makes it easy to browse, discover, and download artwork from leading international galleries.

Samsung’s The Frame light sensor can also automatically adjust screen brightness and color based on external lighting conditions, keeping the natural colors of your artwork unchanged.

With a sleek, smooth screen that looks right wherever you place it, Samsung The Frame looks, feels, and fits like a real painting frame – making it a work of art in itself.

Activity Tips:

  • Schedule a “Museum Day” and get your kids to choose a virtual museum they want to visit.
  • Invite them to find out more about the art genre or artist that interests them after the virtual tour.

Learn New Skills

School time may be over, but learning can’t stop! Take advantage of the school holidays and enrich your children by helping them better understand the world beyond the textbook.

1. Learn to Cook

Samsung double door refrigerator. (Samsung)
Samsung double door refrigerator. (Samsung)

Learning to cook can enrich children’s experiences by teaching them the importance of eating a healthy and balanced diet. In fact, there are tons of kid-friendly recipes available for free on the internet!

You can start by teaching children how to cook a simple dish like an omelet first. When they’re ready to upgrade their skills, let your budding chef choose their favorite dish to try. Don’t forget to prepare ingredients for the holidays in the Samsung 2-door refrigerator.

This refrigerator uses Twin Cooling Plus technology which can store fruits and vegetables for twice as long, even up to 15 days, compared to conventional refrigerators.

This has been tested on cabbage, limes, lemons, blueberries and tomatoes, where in 15 days the ingredients of the food only shrunk by 3%, compared to a conventional refrigerator which reaches 10%. Longer freshness and minimal shrinkage means that the nutritional content in foodstuffs is maintained.

Love this idea but don’t want to clean up the dirty kitchen your kids are about to make? The Samsung Microwave MW5000T is equipped with an easy-to-clean Crusty Plate, so you don’t have to clean oil stains or oil splashes from the pan. With the sheath heater technology based on an optimal algorithm, fried foods will be cooked healthier without compromising the taste or texture.

Activity Tips:

  • Arrange the menu list with the level of difficulty according to the child’s age.
  • Invite children to prepare their own favorite food. For example, add fun by having your child prepare popcorn in the microwave as an afternoon snack.

2. Fun with Workshop

Samsung Smart Monitor. (Samsung)
Samsung Smart Monitor. (Samsung)

Virtual workshops are all the rage right now, for good reason – they offer lots of opportunities for kids to explore new hobbies and interests from the comfort of home. Whether it’s terrarium making, art classes, meditation, or even martial arts, there’s sure to be something your child will be interested in.

For convenience, use the do-it-all screen Samsung Smart Monitor. With this device, without the need for a PC, your children can jump right into the virtual classroom without the hassle of turning on the laptop.

Once the kids have finished their workshop or course for the day, you can turn your Samsung Smart Monitor into a complete entertainment center by streaming your family’s favorite movies or shows on Netflix, HBO, and YouTube without the need to connect to a PC or mobile device!

Activity Tips:

  • Make a list of virtual workshops for your children to choose from – the freedom to choose can generate a more genuine interest in them to learn from the workshops.
  • Organize areas in your home to be conducive to virtual learning.
  • Create a family scrapbook containing memorable photos from the workshops your child participated in – photos of his martial arts poses, photos of his paintings, all of which will become beautiful memories.

Play as much as you like

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 - Fun games to hone creativity. (Samsung Indonesia)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – Fun games to hone creativity. (Samsung Indonesia)

Playing together will strengthen the relationship. After all, playing family games is one of the best ways to spend quality time together.

Play simple board games like Uno or Monopoly, or try The Game of Life and Clue for another challenge. Don’t have a physical board game yet? Use the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and choose a game app for the whole family to play.

Whether it’s the more tactical Charades or Ticket To Ride, this tablet displays games on a spacious 10.4-inch screen for easy viewing for the whole family.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 also comes with Samsung Kids, which helps parents start their digital journey in a safe way with the ability to set limits on playtime, apps, and contacts.

Activity Tips:

  • Schedule family gaming time in the afternoon or evening as a reward for a productive day.
  • Wear a specific costume or outfit theme while playing the game and create a fun character personality to add spice to the game!


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