Trade is quiet, this man’s act of distributing free pizza to scavengers makes Haru

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Ilustrasi pizza. (unsplash/Evelyn)

COTEKNO.COM – Owning a business doesn’t always run smoothly, including a culinary business which sometimes has a time when merchandise is very quiet from visitors.

Akun TikTok @pizzaapayacondet shared a video that touched the hearts of many netizens. In the video, a man is seen selling pizza and at that time the situation is quiet.

The man was selling using a cart parked in front of a roadside shop. From afternoon until 11 pm, not a single buyer came.

Finally this man decided to do a roadside promotion. He sat beside a cart with a plastic chair and held a sign that read his merchandise promo.

He sells pizza at a price of Rp. 10 thousand without conditions. Unfortunately, despite selling pizza at a low price, no one stopped by to buy the pizza.

Selling pizza from evening to night never sells (TikTok @pizzapayacondet)

Finally, this man decided to give away the pizza he was selling to scavengers for free. The name of the business he owns is Pizza Apa Ya Condet on Jalan Batu Sari, East Jakarta City.

The video then attracted a lot of sympathy from netizens. Thousands of comments fill this upload.

“Larisin guys. Mas is tougher than me. I want to sell too but I don’t have the guts, I’m afraid no one will buy it,” comment of a citizen.

Other netizens also commented. “Cheer up bro. I also just opened online selling geprek chicken, only sold 2 pieces. Pray for each other, okay?” said this citizen.

“Pizza Apa Ya is really delicious, guys, you have to try it. The taste can be mixed with spicy and sweet, I often buy it,” write other netizens in the comments column.

The video uploaded by the man giving pizza to scavengers has been viewed more than 2 million times on TikTok. ( Kyuna)


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