Twitter Boss Wants to Create a Bitcoin Wallet, Not Software but Hardware

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Ilustrasi Bitcoin. (Pixabay)

COTEKNO.COM – Twitter boss Jack Dorsey shared his plans to create a dedicated Bitcoin wallet. But not software, but hardware to store these crypto assets.

The physical wallet for Bitcoin is intended for users of Square, a digital payment service from the UK.

Dorsey is proposing a new way for users to store their Bitcoins so they can’t be controlled by Square or any other company.

Bitcoin wallets can allow users to securely store cryptocurrencies via gadgets and let users know when their digital money is used.

Square is considering creating a hardware wallet for Bitcoin. If we do, we will build it completely openly, from software to hardware design, and work closely with the community,“said the CEO of Twitter who is also the boss of Square, quoted from CNBC, Monday (7/6/2021).

CEO Twitter, Jack Dorsey. (YouTube)

This Twitter boss refers to how digital money exchanges work. For PayPal, for example, this service gives users the freedom to buy Bitcoin without the need for a private key.

PayPal also does not allow its users to move Bitcoin to other platforms outside the PayPal ecosystem.

He said Square might be able to simplify the way people spend Bitcoin by creating dedicated storage.

This will make it easier for customers to spend some of the Bitcoins available on their phones, while leaving the rest of the money safe.

Jack Dorsey also added that this wallet will be integrated with other cash applications, although this is only part of the plan.

But Dorsey said this was just a plan. He will provide more information if Square actually provides the wallet.

Has this Twitter boss succeeded in realizing the Bitcoin wallet hardware? ( Dicky Prastya).


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