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It didn’t take long for the Vivo V21 5G to gain popularity. Supported by the latest internet technology, as well as a price that is quite angry is enough to be an excuse. But, if you are interested in buying, first know what the advantages and disadvantages of the Vivo V21 5G are.

Last week, Telkomsel became the first provider to serve 5G internet connection in Indonesia. And as the company said, not all 5G phones support the connection provided by Telkomsel. Meanwhile, one of the cellphones that can be connected to 5G in Indonesia is Vivo V21 5G.

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Yes, this new middle-class phone from Vivo can be an option for those of you who want to taste 5G connections in Indonesia. Not only that, the company has also added various updates to this new device.

Unfortunately, the update can only be felt – but not visible on the display. The company seems to still think that the design in the previously launched series is still feasible and satisfying to users.

However, that is just one downside of this device. And behind its weaknesses, of course Vivo V21 5G also has a series of advantages. Therefore, for those of you who are interested in buying this device, the team COTEKNO has prepared the most complete review about the advantages and disadvantages of Vivo V21 5G.

What do you want to know? Also check out the reviews, specifications, and prices of the following Vivo V21 5G, yes.

Review Vivo V21 5G (IndiaToday)
Review Vivo V21 5G (IndiaToday)

Vivo V21 5G Specifications

In Indonesia, Vivo is one of the most popular manufacturers thanks to its camera technology. Meanwhile, on Vivo V21 5G, the company offers phones that are supported by a 5G internet connection at affordable prices.

So, it is natural that many users start to glance at this latest Vivo HP. Especially those of you who happen to want to change to a new HP. But, before that, let’s first identify the specifications of the Vivo V21 5G.


Vivo V21 5G Design (Vivo Indonesia)
Vivo V21 5G Design (Vivo Indonesia)

The flat back is the hallmark of the design of this new phone. At the back, it is decorated only by a rectangular module – with a camera arrangement that is exactly like the Vivo X60.

Coupled with the thickness of the device which is only 7.3 mm, the Vivo V21 5G becomes a cellphone that is comfortable to use in the midst of busy activities. Especially for those of you who are active outdoors, this phone can accompany you in various activities.

When some of the above are combined, the V21 5G looks premium and elegant. Especially when the light shines due to being reflected on the back, making the Vivo V21 5G look even more charming and stealing attention.


Vivo V21 5G Screen (Vivo Indonesia)
Vivo V21 5G Screen (Vivo Indonesia)

This is the time when mobile screens are getting bigger and bigger. And Vivo V21 5G is here to meet these needs. By the company, this 5G-connected phone is equipped with a 6.44-inch AMOLED panel.

Yes, like most AMOLEDs, the Vivo V21 5G can be the right answer if you are looking for a cellphone with good graphics. Moreover, this screen is capable of producing graphics with a refresh rate of 90Hz. That is, you can see enemies from a distance more comfortably when playing the PUBG Mobile game!

Besides that, refresh rate height can also make you more comfortable to enjoy the graphics on the screen. Good for gaming, streaming movies or online videos, to video calls or video conferences with friends.


Vivo V21 5G rear camera (Vivo Indonesia)
Vivo V21 5G rear camera (Vivo Indonesia)

Since introducing the V series, Vivo has always embedded a high-powered camera in this model. And that’s what you will find on the Vivo V21 5G. And in this series, there are a total of four cameras that have been embedded by the company.

Eits, don’t be misled by the number of cameras that are –indeed- quite a bit compared to other products. But his abilities can be pitted!

On the back, the Vivo V21 5G is equipped with three cameras wrapped in a rectangular module. Main camera capable of 64MP lens wide supported by PDAF and OIS features. While the other two cameras have an 8MP ultra-wide lens and a 2MP macro sensor.

As for the front camera, it is stored in notch shaped waterdrop. Amazingly, this front camera has a 44MP capability and has Dual-LED Flash. Not only that, the Vivo V21 5G selfie camera is also capable of activating HDR mode. As a result, camera shots are certainly clearer and more detailed!


Vivo V21 5G Performance (India TodaY)
Vivo V21 5G Performance (India TodaY)

Go to the performance section. In this latest cellphone, Vivo relies on the support of Mediatek’s latest kitchen runway. Namely the MediaTek Dimensity 800U 5G series.

This series has eight processing cores as well as a Mali-G57 MC3 GPU. While on the storage side, the RAM capacity is also quite roomy. Namely 8GB with 128GB of internal memory.

Still feeling lacking? Relax, you can still add to external storage, really. Moreover, this phone supports the operation of external storage capacity of 1TB. So, it promises a longer life, right?

Latest Vivo V21 5G Price

Beli Vivo V21 5G (India Today)
Beli Vivo V21 5G (India Today)

Must be noted. This is a phone that the company recently launched. To be precise, Vivo Indonesia just started selling it on May 28 yesterday. So the price options are still limited in the market.

Citing the official Vivo Indonesia website, the price of the V21 5G is priced at IDR 5.799 million. Certainly not a fairly high price compared to the advantages of the latest internet connection that you will get.

Moreover, this phone has a capable front camera that is quite large. That is, still profitable!

So that you get the best price, team COTEKNO have collected Vivo V21 5G prices from several online stores. Want to check? Just click the link below.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vivo V21 5G

advantages and disadvantages of Vivo V21 5G (Droila Special Doc)
advantages and disadvantages of Vivo V21 5G (COTEKNO Special Doc)

Now, it’s time to enter the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of this latest HP. Indeed, this time, the team COTEKNO Haven’t had a chance to taste it yet. However, we have collected some information from within and outside the country.

As a result, there are several advantages and disadvantages of the Vivo V21 5G that you should be aware of. Among others:


  • Not equipped with wireless charging technology
  • No information regarding Corning Gorilla Glass protection
Vivo V21 5G Specifications (Vivo Indonesia)
Vivo V21 5G Specifications (Vivo Indonesia)


  • 5G internet connection
  • Android 11 operating system support
  • 44MP selfie camera
  • Satisfactory performance from MediaTek Dimensity 800U

Vivo V21 5G Review: The Best Choice for Cheap 5G Phones!

Vivo V21 5G (Insta
Vivo V21 5G (Insta

Currently, there are several choices of cheap 5G cellphones in Indonesia. However, according to the government’s statement, not all cellphones support new internet connections in the country. The reason is, the cellphone must support the frequency and technology used here.

And one of the phones that can certainly be connected with a 5G connection in Indonesia is the Vivo V21 5G series. You can be sure, the public’s interest will be big enough to have this device, right?

Indeed, for a cellphone that is priced at Rp. 5 million, it is a clear drawback if it is not coated with Corning Gorilla Glass. Especially if you have activities outside the field that are quite dense. This shortcoming will certainly be a separate consideration.

Apart from these shortcomings, it must be admitted that the Vivo V21 5G is one of the best choices if you want to use a 5G connection at this time. Interested in changing to a new cellphone? Just click on the link that the author has prepared above.

After describing the advantages and disadvantages of Vivo V21 5G this time. Hopefully the explanation above can help you to better recognize this latest cellphone, yes.


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