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Jakarta, COTEKNO.COM – Along with the launch of Vivo V21 5G some time ago, vivo also introduced Wireless Sport Lite, a wireless earphone that can accompany users in their daily activities, from exercising, studying, working, playing games, to enjoying audio entertainment. This IoT device can now be obtained by consumers at a price of Rp. 399,000.

“We present IoT devices to support the activities and lifestyles of today’s consumers who are active and stay productive. Vivo Wireless Sport Lite has the best and ergonomic specifications that make this device comfortable to use. In particular, this device is also prepared to accompany sports activities to make it more fun,” said Ricky Bunardi, Senior Product Manager of Vivo Indonesia.

Consumers can have the experience of exercising and other activities while listening and enjoying music that is more maximal and enjoyable through this IoT device. Not only that, this wireless earphone is also designed as a single device that will help consumers have the best experience not only when listening to music, but also when watching videos and also playing games.

These earphones are designed with 11.2mm Moving Coil from Daikoku Japan with high polymer made of bronze and coated with aluminum, capable of producing low-frequency sound or strong bass and providing a more detailed listening experience for songs and musical instruments. This feature is equipped with a Double-Layered Sound Chamber which has front and rear vents, which will keep the low-frequency sound clear and sharp so that the resulting audio sounds even more optimal. In addition, the sound tuning performed by the Golden Ears Acoustics Lab is able to pay attention to everything that affects sound quality from large compositions to quiet whispers, so that every musical genre becomes more spectacular when listened to.

In terms of performance, this IoT device has a Low Latency Bluetooth Connection of 80ms so that it will provide an intense and enjoyable experience when playing games, as well as the Active Noise Cancellation feature that ensures consumers can hear a more real voice like talking face to face.

With a battery life of up to 18 hours, Vivo Wireless Sport Lite can accompany all-day use. Even when the power runs out, consumers only need to recharge for 10 minutes to be able to listen to audio again for 5 hours. With this massive power, consumers can enjoy a new experience of listening to audio throughout the day from commuting to the office to working out in the afternoon.

The earphones stay comfortable around the neck and ears when in use. This IoT device carries an elegant ergonomic design with a super light weight of 23.9 grams and a flexible metal memory cable on the neck band that can make it return to its original shape even after being rolled up.

Vivo Wireless Sport Lite features the Instant Connection feature, where consumers only need to bring this wireless earphone to the smartphone until a pop-up display appears and can guide consumers to enjoy the music they like. What’s more, consumers can disconnect from the current device and connect to other devices, simply by pressing the volume up and down buttons simultaneously. This device has magnetic earbuds that can be put together for standby mode, and separated to continue the connection. Not only that, consumers only need to tap once to be able to connect to Google Assistant to make it easier for consumers when doing activities.

Comes with two color choices, namely blue and black which are specially designed according to the tastes and lifestyles of consumers. Blue represents freedom and energy, and black represents classic style. In addition, with the IPX4 water resistance level, it can accompany consumers’ daily activities, even when sweating while exercising in the gym or when it rains.

“We hope that Vivo Wireless Sport Lite can accompany consumers in enjoying their best moments every day. Consumers will also have a more enjoyable experience through this IoT device that carries the latest design, has 18 hours of battery life, super light weight, and very low latency,” concluded Ricky.


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