Zachary Levi appears in new Shazam costume

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Shazam! 2 will feature Zachary Levi with a new superhero costume that is more detailed and looks like DC superhero armor.

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Shazam Movie! Fury of the Gods will present Zachary Levi with his new costume. In the video footage shared by director David F. Sandberg on Twitter, the Shazam actor is seen standing in the middle of a dark alley by showing close-up and a glimpse of a new part of her costume.

Based on the short video, the gold accents are on Shazam’s boots and gauntlets. The color is even more visible matte than the flashy costumes in the first film. This new costume is more identical to the costumes worn by superheroes in the DC Extended Universe, including Batman.

Unfortunately, the video only shows a glimpse of the new section and is not exhaustive. Sandberg still wants to hide the new costume. In the darkness Levi said, “Why is it so dark? It might be a good idea to turn on one light,” he concludes.

Luckily, a fan posted a full image of Levi wearing the armor which he got from Just Jared. The updated suit has more detail with textured materials. There is also a lightning logo on the chest which looks more obvious.

In several interviews after Shazam! released, Levi revealed how uncomfortable it was to wear the costume. The same thing seems to also be felt in this new costume, because they are both jumpsuit models.

“The discomfort when you have to go to the bathroom,” Levi said Game Rant (5/6).

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is slated to hit theaters in June 2023.


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